May 21, 2013

E-Cat第三者試験結果 PART1:12月のTEST(その4)



Besides the set-up required for the measurements, instruments necessary for detecting possible radioactive emissions were also placed in the vicinity of the E-Cat HT.


These measurements are essential for safety certification of the device, and were performed by David Bianchini.


The full report of the methods and results of these measurements is available on demand.


A partial quotation follows:

“It was decided to use two different wide-spectrum and high--sensitivity photon detectors:

2つの異なる幅の広いスペクトルと高 - 感度光子検出器を使用することに決めた:

the first detector was chosen for the purpose of measuring in the spatial surroundings any rate variation of ambient dose equivalent H * (10) [...],

第一検出器は、周囲の線量当量  H * (10) [...] の 任意のレートの変動を空間的な環境の中で、測定するために選ばれた

the second detector was chosen for measuring and recording CPM (counts per minute) rate variations in a specific position [...].

第2の検出器は、特定の位置[...]における CPM(カウント毎分)レートの変動を測定・記録するために選ばれました。

With respect to instrumental and ambient background, the measurements performed do not reveal significant differences either in H*(10) or CPM ascribable to the E-Cat prototype”.

インストゥルメンタルと周囲の背景に関して、実行された測定では、H*(10) でも、CPM でもどちらでも、E-キャットプロトタイプに起因する重要な違いを明らかにしない。