May 21, 2013

E-Cat第三者試験結果 PART1:12月のTEST(その3)




Of these parameters, only the last one was of interest for the purposes of the test, which was designed to evaluate the ratio of thermal energy produced by the E-Cat HT to electrical power consumption for the number of hours subject to evaluation.


The instrument was connected directly to the E-Cat HT cables by means of three clamp ammeters, and three probes for voltage measurement.


A wristwatch was placed next to the wattmeter, and a video camera was set up on a tripod and focused on both objects:


at one frame per second, the entire sequence of minutes and power consumption were filmed and recorded for the 96-hour duration of the test.


Fig. 6. The video camera on its tripod framing the display used for electrical measurements (PCE-830), and recording at 1 frame p.s. for the whole duration of the test.