Oct 24, 2016

JENDL (Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library)

There are translated English and original Japanese in this article.

I found the important data of nuclear technology. It is called Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library.


Translated excerpts from Nuclear and nuclear reaction (03-06-01-03)(Japanese) <<<
Because the neutron behavior in a nuclear reactor is the most major work of nuclear energy, it is important to know the proportion of nuclear reaction with neutrons and substance. But, the energy of neutron is spread from about 20MeV to about 0.01eV. The probability of the reaction will complexly change. For this reason, It is necessary to prepare the cross-sectional area data of neutron in a wide energy range. To do this, It must be given from experimental data and theoretical considerations that the value of the cross-sectional area should be definitely for each energy. In this way, is is called "Evaluation of nuclear data" to give the value of the cross-sectional area in all of the energy area that is required. There is a file of numerical data obtained and evaluated for the purpose of the design and safety assessment of a nuclear reactor. It is called "Evaluated nuclear data file". "Evaluated nuclear data file"  has been created for the use of nuclear energy in various countries. What are currently recognized as the world's three large files, U.S. ENDF (Evaluated Nuclear Data File), European JEFF (Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File) and JENDL of Japan (Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library) >>>

(原子核と核反応 (03-06-01-03) (日本語)からの抜粋 「原子炉等の中性子の振る舞いが主要な働きをする原子力利用では、中性子と物質との核反応の割合を知ることが重要となる。しかし、中性子のエネルギーは約20MeVから0.01eV程度まで広がっており、反応の確率は複雑な変化をする。このため、広いエネルギー範囲で断面積データを用意しておく必要がある。このためには、実験データや理論的な考察から、最も確かであると思われる断面積の値をエネルギー毎に与えなければならない。このように、必要とされる全てのエネルギー領域で断面積の値を与えるようにすることを「核データの評価」といい、評価して得られた数値データをファイル化し、原子炉の設計や安全評価に使えるようにしたものが「評価済み核データファイル」である。「評価済み核データファイル」は、様々な国等で原子力利用のために作成されている。世界三大ファイルとして現在認識されているものは、米国のENDF(Evaluated Nuclear Data File)、欧州のJEFF(Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File)、それに、日本のJENDL(Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library)である。」)

I have developed a simulation program of the neutron generator when I have not seen this data yet. I had simple assumptions on the nuclear reaction such as the following. The assumption is that almost all of the neutron is absorbed by the nucleus of the surrounding, they will be isotopes with one large mass number, and the isotopes will decay. There is also an assumption that if electrons, protons or deuteriums collide with other atomic nuclei, two particles will become one nucleus. It is necessary to refer the JENDL or otherThere are translated English and original Japanese in this article in order to increase the accuracy of the simulation.