Oct 22, 2016

LENR is the reason of dark matter and dark energy

There are translated English and original Japanese in this article. 

LENR is the reason of dark matter and dark energy

There is a scientific belief that the presence of dark matter in a galaxy and dark energy of the universe from space observation. However, its origin is not known.


There was a long period in which  many stars get to the white dwarfs because of the long period of fusion reaction in the star of the old theory. It was said in the old theory that the lifetime of the universe is shorter than the total lifetime of star in which a star is born to grow as a young sun,  matures as a red giant, becomes old as a white dwarf and finally die as a cold black dwarf. It was the explanation in the old theory for the reason that black dwarf does not exist.


Basic research has proven the existence of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) in the field of CMNS (Condensed Matter Nuclear Science) . There are some people who expect that the d-d reaction will easily occur in a condensed matter than the conventional theory. There are some people like me who expect that the proton will easily capture an electron in a condensed matter than the conventional theory.


If we will find the detail of low energy nuclear reaction,  it is required to review the theory of nuclear fusion reaction for the stellar, such as the sun. There is a prediction that the fusion reaction of stars may be going to be further accelerated. This will derive the  conclusion that the life of the star is less than the expectation of the old theory. It will recognize that there are a lot of the black dwarfs in a galaxy. This is the explanation of the origin of the dark matter.


There is a famous theory  that our universe begun from the Big Bang. There is an observation fact that the speed of the farther galaxy is faster than the speed of the near galaxy in the expansion of the Big Bang. The acceleration forces called dark energy since we do not know the reason. The the border of big bang is considered to be the end of our universe. It is believed that we can not observe the light from the outside of the border. There is still few people who are thinking of the outside of the border. Now, we can think that there are a lot of dark matter in the space that is spread outside of the boundary of our Big Bang universe. Dark matter does not emit light it only emits gravity. The father galaxy is being accelerated by a stronger gravity of the dark matter in the outside of  Big Bang because it is close to the dark matter in the outside of  Big Bang. This is a candidate for cause of dark energy.