Oct 7, 2016


I joined the ICCF20 held in Sendai. The field of Cold fusion(almost equal LENR or CMNS)  is evolving to version 3. Nevertheless, it is still in the basic research level.

(仙台市で開催されたICCF20に参加しました。Cold fusion (訳:常温核融合)の分野は、バージョン3(V3)に進化しつつあります。それでも、まだ基礎研究レベルです。)

V1 Era of electrolysis experiments with palladium electrode.(パラジウム電極での電解実験の時代。)

Reports that nuclear fusion occurs of electrolysis experiment by F&P is the beginning of everything. Makeup can not be almost reproduced, it drew criticism. Electrolysis method was a failure.


V2 Era of loading the hydrogen gas / deuterium gas. (水素ガス/重水素ガスをローデングした時代。)

There was a report of excess heat generation of evidence of a nuclear reaction in gas loading technique. It remains poor reproducibility. But the experiment of Professor Iwamura of Tohoku University has reproducibility. It is that nuclide conversion occurs when to transmit deuterium gas to the palladium film. This is the era that the so-called Cold fusion presence has become clear.

(ガスローデング手法で核反応の証拠の一つとなる過剰熱の発生の報告がありましたが、再現性が乏しいまま。ただし、重水素ガスをパラジウム膜に透過させると核種変換が発生するという東北大の岩村特任教授の実験は再現性があり、いわゆるCold fusionそのものの存在は明確になった時代。)

V3 Era of colliding fusion to accelerate protons of hydrogen nuclei (p), or a deuterium nucleus (d) above 1KV(水素原子核の陽子(p)、あるいは重水素核(d)を1KV以上で加速して衝突融合させる時代)

From the past of the experimental experience and hypothesis, it is need to give stimulation of definite size to nuclear fusion possible nuclei, hydrogen or deuterium. We recognize that there is a need to investigate in detail.


 There were two disappointing reports in ICCF20.


(1) The COP of Hydrogen Hot Tube of Brillouin Energy has been reported as 1.5 now. It should not take a profit for the electric power generation like heat source of the steam turbine in this performance.

(Brillouin EnergyのHydrogen Hot TubeのCOPは1.5と報告されました。この性能では、これを発電用蒸気タービンの熱源として利用すると、採算がとれないはずです。)

(2) University of Missouri has issued a final report. SKINR has no occurrence of excess heat.


Both of the above will mean the end of the gas loading era.


There were two big announcement to tell the beginning of V3. One is "Enhancement of DD Fusion Yield" by Konrad Czerski in Szczecin University in Poland. Another is "Low-energy cooperative DD collision" by Yuki Honda in Tohoku University in Japan. It is not very good that the experiments require expensive equipments. It is becoming more than the cost that individuals can experiment.

(V3の始まりを告げる二つの大きな発表は、ポーランドのSzczecin大学のKonrad Czerski氏が発表したEnhancement of DD Fusion Yield と 東北大学のYuki Honda 氏が発表した Low-energy cooperative DD collision です。これらの報告から、判るあまり良く無いことは、より高額な装置を用いる実験に移行しつつあり、私のような個人が実験できる費用レベルを超えつつあるということです。)

So, when will the commercialization of LENR do? (1) Both the device and the fuel are low prices as it can be used in the home.  (2)  There is no concern of depletion of fuel. (3) All of the device , fuel and waste are safe. All the people of the world will become rich by achieving these three pieces of the goal. But no one knows when. It is necessary to continue the challenge in the future.