Jan 4, 2016

The Passed Energy of Compton scattering

The link is  my document, The Passed Energy of Compton scattering

Introduction of the document is

I am creating a simulation program for “How to generate neutrons, deuteriums and energy.

In the reaction of the beta decay released energy is 0.78 [MeV]. And the reaction of neutrons and nuclei, almost all gamma rays is released with an energy in the range of 0.5 [MeV]. to 20.0 [MeV]. What kind of the reaction will happen between the gamma and the electrons or protons or other atomic nuclei. It is known as the Compton scattering.

I studied again Compton scattering and estimate the energy of the electron or the proton.



発生したエネルギーであるガンマ線(おおよそ0.5 [MeV] - 20[MeV]の範囲)が、電子や陽子、中性子、あるいは原子核とどのように反応するのかを調査していると、コンプトン散乱に行きつきます。