Aug 24, 2014


E-Catの安全性認定(Safety certification)がパスした件が記事になっていました。

Rossi: Safety Certification Obtained for Low and High Temperature E-Cats by E-Cat World

また、ロッシ氏の主催するといわれている Journal of Nuclear Physics での記事コメント欄が、

キーワード(Safety certification)でコメント欄を検索して読んでみましたが、パスしたことは分かるのですが、それ以上詳しいことは、専門の資格を持ったプロでないとE-Catを操作してはいけないことになっているというだけです、他の内容は解りません。


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Andrea Rossi
We did not get, so far, the safety certification for any domestic application.
Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi
    Hank Mills:
    1- the data of the safety certification are restricted to the Customers
    2- depends on specific situations
    3- sooner or later we will be able to. Depends on the IP issues and situation
    4- what is discussed in our team, when it becomes an issue to be published, is published, in due time
    5- difficult to say
    Warm Regards,
  • Andrea Rossi
    Dima Redko:
    The safety certifications we obtained are strictly referred to industrial plants, for the reasons I many times explained. Our plants can work only if operated by professionally prepared employees that have to be certified by us.
    Warm Regards,
  • Hank Mills
    Dear Andrea,
    Congratulations on the safety certification of the hot cat reactors. That is an important accomplishment. Of course from everything we know about how they work, there was no doubt as to their safety.
    1 – Regardless as to the actual temperatures hot cats are capable of reaching, what is the temperature range they are certified, safety wise, to function within? This is simply the numbers on the certificate, of course, and has nothing to do with what the upcoming third party report may disclose, positive or negative.
    2 – Are there any other types of certification required or legal hoops to go through before low or high temp E-Cats can be used in an industrial setting?
    3 – When the third independent party report is released, do you plan to present your understanding of the theory of how the E-Cat operates, separately of any theory that may be in the report?
    4 – Have you been communicating with members of the team preparing the report to formulate a joint theory on the E-Cat?
    5 – To me, it is pretty obvious the upcoming report will show massive anomalous heat production (although as you say the report could be negative). In addition to excess heat and high COP, what else are you hoping to see in the report?
    Thank you.  

Andrea Rossi
Frank Acland:
We obtained a Safety certification. Is necessary for the development of industrial plants made by Hot Cats.
Warm Regards,
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