Jun 13, 2012

The essence of the teachings of the Buddha

The essence of the teachings of the Buddha

Happiness, Goodness, Life

(1) Better Goodness make more people happy.
(2) Sharing joy becomes doubled, Sharing grief becomes half.
(3) Each person's life may be different.

Religious Merit

(1) Noble Eightfold Path gives you Goodness without Suffering
(2) made Goodness without Suffering, view goodwill and pleasure in everything

four Buddhist virtues, Brahmavihara

(1) Kindness give people Joy and Fun
(2) Compassion erase Suffering of people by sympathy
(3) Empathetic Rejoice together the joy of people
(4) Equanimity contribute to people calmly

Noble Eight rght Pathes, to enlightenment

(1) view Looking at everything as they really are.
(2) emotion Joy, fun, thanks
(3) speech Talk honestly with kind words
(4) action Profession for the welfare of the people
(5) life Health-full, Love-full to people, family, wife, husband and oneself
(6) effort Fair play forward to higher targets
(7) mindfulness Occupy one's mind with the work to do now
(8) relaxation Always calm serene mood

Contribute without money

(1) Body Help troubled people
(2) Heart give Joy and Fun, erase Suffering of people
(3) Eye Always friendly eyes
(4) Face Always gentle smile
(5) Talk Warm words of sympathy
(6) Yield give way to vulnerables and esteemed
(7) Welcome treat and hospitality to person

Ten bad sins

(1) Killing Kill human, Recklessly kill creatures
(2) Thief Thief, unfairness
(3) Bad sex Affair, suffering wife, husband and family
(4) Lie Lie, Fool, Concealment of bad
(5) Duplicity be double‐tongued
(6) Abuse Foul language, abusive person, backbiting
(7) Twaddle Excessive talk, cheap flattery
(8) Greed greed, obsession, jealousy
(9) Anger Anger, fear, bitterness, hatred, bullying
(10) Wrong view stupid mistake, superstition

four and eight sufferings, want to escape

(1) Birth Beginning of pleasure and pain
(2) Old Ageing
(3) Disease Illness or injury
(4) Death Death
(5) Separation Separation of lovers
(6) Grudge Resentment, Anger, bitterness, hatred, jealousy
(7) Can't get can't obtain requested things
(8) survival instincts Hunger and thirst, others

by Room to study happiness(Only Japanese)