Sep 27, 2011

Relese Notes, Foreign Mom Next Version 2

1. New fetures

Version 2 is released now!

The Google translation API was changed to a paid service at August.
So, we must change this service into a paid service, too.
The service price is still $3.65 per year.
But, if you use Google translation API here, your expiration date is reduced.
it is 180 seconds per 1 byte

We move your data, words-notebook, from the local storage of your browser to the cloud storage of our server
It means that the version 2 is slower than version 1
But users can share the results of Google Translations
So your payment is cheaper than non-sharing case.

Version 2 is easier than version 1

-1. Your input text with a title is stored in server.
-2. The history is up to 16.
-3. The redraw button of browser works well in the pop-up-translation-pages
-4. The back button of browser works well in the pop-up-translation-pages
-5. You can select how to use Google translation, free or paid
-6. You can set your favorite external dictionary URL
-7. You can confirm the details of your paid Google translations
-8. Your data is on server, you can see same words-notebook on any device, iPhone and PC, at any time

You need your Facebook login before use this, Foreign Mom Next v2