Sep 27, 2011

New Version Of "Foreign Mom Next"

Foreign Mom Next

Tool for a person who wants to get the high foreign language skill

This is a tool to get the higher foreign language skill.

foreign language skill = reading + listening + writing + speaking

And vocabulary is necessary for reading skill.

This was developed as a tool for vocabulary.

A tool for busy people

For a busy person, it is very important to learn a foreign language effictively.

A busy person is :
  • He/She do not have time to read a boring textbook.
  • He/She do not have time to make a vocabulary notebook by a dictionary.
  • It is necessary for him/her to master the vocabulary of the specialized field, quickly and effectively.

This was developed for a busy person reading and understanding foreign language and memorizing words.

Do you want to increase foreign vocabulary effectively?

The traditional method to gain the vocabulary of the foreign language is this :
  • Read a foreign language every day
  • Examine an unknown word in a dictionary
  • Transfer the word examined to a vocabulary notebook
  • Review a vocabulary notebook every day
They said "There is no royal road to learning."

By the traditional method, it took many trouble and many time.

WorkThe time requiredHardship degree
Read a foreign language every daysmallmiddle
Examine an unknown word in a dictionarymanymany
Transfer the word examined to a vocabulary notebookmanymany
Review a vocabulary notebook every daysmallmiddle

The speed to read the foreign sentence becomes extremely slow when you took the traditional method.
Because the word that you do not know comes out and comes out and comes..., it becomes slow.

As unknown words increase, you do not understand contents and feel boredom.

And the traditional method demands you a desk and a chair.
Do you want to make yourself at home in a sofa and a bed and to read a foreign language ?

Do you want to write it to the vocabulary notebook in a pure character?

To review a vocabulary notebook is not pleasant.
Strong-willed will is necessary to carry it out.

Many people are exhausted and fail on the traditional method after all.

Will there be the solution as expected?

Will there be the solution as expected?

All of you have a question from me before suggesting a solution.
Have you ever been read a picture book by your mother in small childhood?

Please remember a state at that time.

When the words that you do not know came out, you ask a mother.
"Mom, what's that?"
Your mother gives you an answer easily.
"Well, that's ...."
And Your mother read the point of the book to your interest.

On the next day, your mother asked you a question.
"Baby, do you remember the story read yesterday?"
"Mom, I do. That's fun."
Your mother said,
"You're good baby. And ..."
You said,
"Well, that's ...."
Your mother said,
"Great! I will read a picture book today."

Your mother taught you words affectionately.

Your mother chosed the just good book for you seemed to be interested in.
As you have grown up, you know your own interest clear.
Therefore you have already decided which field of foreign language to read.
However, as for the commercial textbook,
A subject is chosen for the interest of the foreign language teacher,
It is rare that that accords with your interest.

It is a shortcut to look at the foreign language site of the Internet directly to satisfy your curiosity.
If you can study and satisfy your curiosity at the same time, how much will the effect be?
The effect can save time and labor, and it will be to be full of feeling of satisfaction.
It is "The killing two birds with one stone".
But therefore it is a condition that there is a love overflowing mother by your side.

A service to become the part of mother is this, Foreign Mom Next.

As one of the methods to gain vocabulary effectively, please examine Foreign Mom Next.

You please read a foreign language site with this.
Please touch the word that does not understand the meaning, the meaning does popup.
This automatically records a word and a meaning to a vocabulary notebook.
You can use an external WEB-dictionary in the version 2.

When you review a vocabulary notebook, this makes a quiz from your favorite range.

WorkYour workHardship degree
Read a foreign language every dayread a foreign language site with thismidium
Examine an unknown word in a dictionarytouch the word that does not understand
(the meaning does popup)
Transfer the word examined to a vocabulary notebookNone
(automatically records)
Review a vocabulary notebook every dayanswer a quiz
(this makes a quiz)

Please read a foreign language site with this to make yourself at home in a sofa or a bed.

This records the foreign sentence and a translation including the word .

Here, I will explain the quality of translation honestly.

The grandmother, the mother of this, is Ms. Google (A translation engine of Google = Google Language API).
There is a simple one translation for the word.
Translation of the sentence of the grandmother cannot be called the perfection.
The English-Japanese words cards in Yaruben is also used in the version2.
But you can correct the contents of the vocabulary notebook,
this will reply you by new corrected contents about the same word.

As a review method, there are four kinds of quizzes :
  1. foreign word to native word, select 3 options
  2. native word to foreign word, select 3 options
  3. the word spelling
  4. the composition

You can set the range of the quiz freely today, yesterday...

In other words you can concentrate all energy on "memorizing" words if you use this.

This supports not only the English but also 16 languages.

The use scenes

Of course you can use Foreign Mom Next with not only iPad iPhone but also the PC.
In addition, you can use it at the Android terminal.
(A browser corresponding to html5 is necessary.)

You get possible to study anywhere anytime with iPad and iPhone.
The use scenes
  • In the town, you read a foreign news site with iPhone.
  • In the office, you read a foreign business site with a PC.
  • In the home, you review today's word with iPad.

The the vocabulary notebook is stored in our server, you can see the same data in iPhone and PC.

The price

Foreign Mom Next, this is a paid service.
Some functions are free of charge.

The price is 1 cent per 1 day. This is 3.65 dollars per 1 year.

The Google translation API is a paid service.
So, if you use the Google translation API, your expiration date is reduced 180 seconds per 1 bytes.
3.65 dollars is 175,200 bytes of the Google translation API.

If time is expired, only free functions are available.

Popup translation:Word:YarubenOKOK(only English to Japanese card)
Popup translation:Word:Cached Google dataOKOK
Popup translation:Word:Google TranslationOKNONE
Popup translation:Sentence:Cached Google dataOKOK(there is a little data.)
Popup translation:Sentence:Google TranslationOKNONE
Popup translation:Word:Open an external dictionary siteOKOK
The number of the histories of the preference URL161
Translation of the preference textOKNONE
Show the vocabulary notebookOKOnly today
The change of the indication days of the vocabulary notebookOKNONE
The contents editing of the vocabulary notebookOKNONE
The number of the quiz questions1001

You can purchase from a screen in 'Extend' button of the expiration date .

To identify you, this uses your user ID of FACEBOOK.
You can acquire the user ID of FACEBOOK free.

The payment method is PayPal.
You can acquire the user ID of PayPal free.

Introduce into your company

In a company used a foreign language as well as English in an office,
The improvement of the linguistic ability of the employee is a shortcut of achievements improvement.

A document of the work just becames a foreign language text if you utilize 'Foreign Mom Next'.

You get the next advantage by introducing 'Foreign Mom Next' as a system for exclusive use of the office
  1. Improvement of the security
  2. improvement of the transaction speed
  3. Improvement of the productivity by the addition of the original function

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