Nov 19, 2017

How to iPhone X from 6S (6S から Xへの移行)

My new iPhone X arrived yesterday and I have moved from 6S to X. There were some problems. But I want to show you how to solve them .
(私の新しいiPhone Xが昨日届きました。私は6SからXに移行しました。いくつかの問題がありました。 しかし、私はあなたにそれらを解決する方法を示したいと思います。)

Step 1. Backup Chat log of LINE app to iCluod. Its size is small, 30 MB.
Step 2. Backup iPhone 6s by iTunes with the Encrypt option.
Step 3. Seal a protective film on iPhone X. This is very difficult to avoid a small slant angle and small air bubbles.
Step 4. Power off iPhones, move a micro USIM ard from 6s to X.
Step 5. First Power on X, I followed the guidance, but I couldn't restore the backup of 6s on iTunes. The reason was the difference of IOS version. 6s was the newest of 11.1.2, but X was old 11.1. 
Step 6. Activate X as a new device, then update IOS to the newest 11.1.2 by Settings App. Then Reset X with erasing all content. The next is Return to the activation.  I followed the guidance, and I could restore the backup of 6s on iTunes. It seemed many apps are automatically installed from the App store.
Step 7. I set devide name, mail accounts and my google account. I moved LINE account.
Step 8. Setup Apple pay.
Step 9. Check and test many apps and adress book and photos.
Step 10. Backup iPhone X by iTunes with the Encrypt option. But if PC/Mac has no space for the new backup, we should delete old backups by EDIT/PREFERENCE/DEVICE menu or empty trash files or delete photos.

It took 3 hours with all steps.